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About our School

Created in June of 2013 by long time friends Professor Baiano and Professor Mandíbula, the institution has been gaining space in the Capoeirista world due to its strong roots, in addition to its authentic musicality and its current teaching method. It has training cells in two countries: Brazil and Canada and has been expanding every year, forming professionals of Capoeira and disseminators of the culture.



Fabricio Santos de Jesus, more commonly known as Baiano in the world of Capoeira, was born in São Gonçalo, a city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. He began practicing Capoeira in 1987 at the age of 6 years old in the city of Madre de Deus in Bahia. From an early age he discovered his love and dedication for Capoeira and began teaching in 1995. He has taught Capoeira in schools, both public and private, various universities, clubs and non-profit organizations. In 2007 he received the title of Professor, the second highest ranking in his school of Capoeira. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to travel the world and share his passion and vision for the art. Professor Baiano is known not only for his  skill, but also for his singing voice. He has captured the respect of the international capoeira community and continues to work to improve his art and practice in his home Calgary, Canada. 


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